Thursday, 29 March 2007

Tuesday 27th March 2007

Alrighty There People!

Well, I thought yesterday was bad... I had no idea what was in store for me today. My word!

Okay, it started with pure medlam. I got to work at 8.30, but I had to be at a meeting in another location at 9.15. So I had given myself plenty of time. I just needed to check my emails, see if anything had come in about the meeting that I was going to. It had, so I printed those off. Then, a colleague rang in sick, and I had to cancel two of her appointments. Then, another colleague was running training that day, and needed help with the materials. THEN, the Big Boss came in, and asked me to do some work for her! I explained that I was going to a meeting, but she insisted. Well you just don't say no to the Big Boss! Anyway, that only took 5 minutes, cos I'm so good.... Then I left for the meeting, and got there at 9.05. It was early, but I had wanted to be earlier than that. There were only two people waiting. Anyway, when I got back to the office at lunchtime, I was snowed under until about three - I didn't even have time to keep a record of what I had eaten!

I remember most of it, so this isn't going to be too accurate, but I have a new plan, which I will tell you about after this:


07:15 - Frosties with semi skimmed milk

09:10 - Glass of water (and then at least two more throughout the morning)

12:00 - 2 x White bread rolls, tuna and pineapple

13:00 - Water

It gets a bit hazy now - I can't remember what else I had until dinner time...

17:45 - Steak, potatoes, peas, carrots

17:50 - 1 glass of Orange juice

18:00 - Cadbury's buttons

I can't remember what else I ate...

However, this is the new diet and fitness plan, which I plan to start on MOnday 2nd April.

This also incorporates walking to work twice a week, a three mile round trip.

Timings may vary on things, but this is the basic framework that I want to stick to. Notice the amount of fruit consumed, no snacks really, and healthiness. Yeah!

Here goes:

(Timings are subject to change)

07:00 - Rice Krispies (semi skimmed milk)

08:00 - 1 Glass of water

09:00 - 1 Glass of water

10:00 - 1 Glass of water

10:30 - 1 Banana

11:00 - 1 Glass of water

12:00 - 1 Glass of water

12:30 - 2 Brown Bread Sandwiches with Tuna

12:45 - 1 Low Fat Hazelnut Yogurt

13:00 - 1 Glass of water

14:00 - 1 Glass of water

15:00 - 1 Glass of water

15:30 - 1 Orange

16:00 - 1 Glass of water

17:00 - 1 Glass of water

17:30 - Exercise Bike - 20 minutes

18:00 - Dinner

18:15 - 1 Glass of water

18:30 - Piece of fruit

19:00 - 1 Glass of water

20:00 - 1 Glass of water

21:00 - 1 Glass of water

21:15 - Piece of fruit

No more food after 21:15

So I'll keep you posted on this, and I still appreciate your comments!

Until tomorrow,


The Dieting Man

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