Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Why Cloning's Not Such a Good Idea...

So a colleague and I were talking today about cloning. We were saying how wonderful it would be if we could get cloned, and send our clone to work. But then it hit me, like the Titanic hitting that iceberg - it would be counter productive. It would actually cost us MORE.

Here's why:

A clone is another mouth to feed. Unless we're talking robots, which don't need feeding, but we're not, we're talking living, breating, real life clones. So when we send them to work, we need to provide them with food, which costs money. And what are we doing whilst our clones are working? Stuff. Shopping, driving, site-seeing, spending. Spending money that we wouldn't be spending whilst we are at work. So clones are a bad idea. Apart from for alibis. Then they're a good idea...

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Ten Gifts for Under a Tenner...

Are you looking for a little extra present for someone? Something not too dear, perhaps maybe a bit quirky, a bit retro? Something fun, whatever the age or gender?

Well here's a list of ten items that you can get, all under one roof, for under a tenner...

1 Top Gear Top Trumps
For those who love the series, there's got to be nothing better than a game of Top Trumps using official Top Gear merchandise. Absolutely fantastic!

2 Sonic Grenade
I've never had one of these, and if you get one for someone, you're going to make some enemies... Pull the pin on this grenade, and subject someone to a deafening explosion of noise. The worst part? It won't turn on until you put the pin back in. My ear drums are aching already...

3 20Q
I've got one of these, and they are absolutely fantastic. First you'll be amazed, then you'll be intrigued... then you'll get frustrated at how accurate it can be. True, it doesn't ALWAYS get it right... but when it does, you'll be scratching your head in a show of genuine confusement...

4 Pocket Mini Helicopter (Blue)
I've always wanted one of these - a fantastic, tiny little remote controlled helicopter. So make someone's day (pick me, pick me!), and chuck one of these in your basket.

5 Rubik's Cube
The Rubik's cube is an amazing gift which will have people in quiet concentration for hours - I should know, I've got one on my desk. Thing is, it even comes with instructions that tell you the technique to solve it - but it doesn't help. Well, not me anyway...

6 Aurora Colour Changing Clock
A funky little number, this one - it has twelve colours - one for each hour (on a am/pm cycle). It looks great, and would be a great gift for him or her...

7 Retro Hopper
Have you been on one of these? Recently? I have. How much fun!!! And careful - they do bounce quite well! Certainly, getting someone one of these will bring back many memories - and if you are getting it for a youngster, it will create many memories for them. Classic!

8 Keyfinder Keyring
One of the most useful devices ever created. You know the feeling, you're running late, you're dashing out the door - but then you can't find your car keys. Don't bother hunting all over for them - simply whistle, and the keyring will start bleeping. SORTED!

9 Catapult - The Super Sling Shot Catapult
Everyone loves catapults. 'Nuff said.

10 Retro Magic Spring
I had one of the rainbow plastic ones as a kid - but this is so much better. Give this to someone, and they'll be on the stairs for an hour!

BONUS: The Laughter File
The Laughter File is a fantastic joke book with over 200 jokes in 9 different categories. I've got a copy, so have loads of people I know. Get one, it's great.

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