Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Why Cloning's Not Such a Good Idea...

So a colleague and I were talking today about cloning. We were saying how wonderful it would be if we could get cloned, and send our clone to work. But then it hit me, like the Titanic hitting that iceberg - it would be counter productive. It would actually cost us MORE.

Here's why:

A clone is another mouth to feed. Unless we're talking robots, which don't need feeding, but we're not, we're talking living, breating, real life clones. So when we send them to work, we need to provide them with food, which costs money. And what are we doing whilst our clones are working? Stuff. Shopping, driving, site-seeing, spending. Spending money that we wouldn't be spending whilst we are at work. So clones are a bad idea. Apart from for alibis. Then they're a good idea...

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