Saturday, 30 May 2009

An Opportunity...

Okay, I've got a proposition for you.

I'm going on holiday in July, to the (hopefully) sunny country of Italy. I'm staying in Pisa for a week - so will be visiting that most famous monument, the leaning tower.

I'll also be visiting Florence, Rome and possibly Verona.

I've managed to get a fairly good deal on flights - £330 return for the two of us. The hotel we managed to get cheaper by shopping around online, but it's still a bit pricey. I haven't yet sorted car hire, but I'm reckoning that's going to cost a couple of hundred. All in all, with flights, hotel, car hire, food and miscellaneous expenses - not to mention clothes that will need to be purchased before
departure - it's going to be quite expensive to fund this holiday in these credit crunching, recessive times.

But that's where my cunning plan, involving YOU, comes into play.

You see, I'm looking for sponsorship.

Let me spell it out to you:

You sponsor me to wear a piece of clothing with your brand name, logo, slogan, web address, whatever, on it, and I will do so, for £75.00 a day.

I'm going to have to limit this to hats and shorts though, as I can't guarantee I will keep a T shirt on in the sweltering heat of summertime Italy.

Here's the terms and conditions:

I WILL NOT promote:
Gambling companies
Sex industry companies
Tobacco companies

I am not willing to have any tattoos: permanent or temporary.

I will not wear any clothing with profanity, lewd themes or suggestive images/logos/slogans.

I may turn down your offer (with plenty of advance notice) due to personal preferences.

YOU must provide the item of clothing with all of your company details on it - I will not print anything onto it.

You must provide payment before departure.

Departure is late July – we will be leaving on a Sunday and returning on a Sunday.

I will wear your item(s) of clothing for one day of the holiday (or more if you pay me such - but you must provide extra clothing, I don't want to be smelly!)

As we do not yet have an itinerary planned, I cannot tell you yet on what days I am going to what attractions/cities etc. That will depend on the weather out there and what we feel like doing.

I will provide multiple photographic evidence of wearing your branded clothes - however, depending on internet availability may not be able to upload these on a daily basis.

Remember, I will be seen in densely populated areas - such as Newcastle airport, Pisa airport, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and quite possibly - but I can't guarantee it - Rome and Verona.

If you are seriously interested in this unique, fun and inspirational piece of marketing for your business, leave a comment.

Any questions?

The Dieting Man.

PS - I've lost quite a bit of weight lately - that's down to eating less, doing more activity and going on Wii Fit. It really does work!

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