Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Nintendo Wii: £364.99 at

Alrighty There People!

Well, for those of you that are desperate - and I mean desperate - for a Wii, are you willing to pay £364.99 for them? That's the price that Dixons online are asking.

As of 8.00am this morning, they received a shipment of 600, on a strictly first come first served basis.

The deal? Nintendo Wii, four games, black skins and a charging station. There is no choice in the games - you get Mario Galaxy, Ninja Turtles, Madden NFL and WWE Smackdown.

Willing to pay the price? Get there quick!

Direct link:


Sunday, 18 November 2007

Bumper Stickers for the Eco Warrior

Alrighty There People!

Thought some of you may find these interesting. For those of us that drive (that includes me!), and are concerned about the effect that our driving has on the environment.

I try to keep my 1.4 tdci under 1,000 revs - makes for slow acceleration, but does wonders for fuel consumption - and the environment.

Anyway, slap one of these onto your ride - show the world you car. All together now, "Aaaahhhh!"

I don't drive SLOWLY. I drive ECONOMICALLY.

Size Does Matter. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.

Low Revs. Low Emissions.

Your Car's Emissions Are EXHAUSTING The Planet!

Dont' ACCELERATE Global Warming! (That's my fave!)

Get them here


Sony Playstation 3 60Gb - Discontinued?

Alrighty There People.

So I was talking yesterday to someone who works in Gamestation, talking about my desire to get a Sony Playstation 3. I want the 60gb version, because, although I don't have a HDTV, I want the backwards compatibility with my PS2 games. I reckon what I'll do is trade in the PS2 for the PS3. Yeah, I know I'll only get about £20 for it, but at the end of the day, twenty quid is twenty quid.

I was browsing online the other day, and I noticed that in the states there is an 80gb Playstation 3. Haven't seen that here in the UK. So I mention this to the employee at Gamestation, who then hits me with this bombshell: The managers were talking about the Playstation 3, saying that the 60gb version is getting shelved because Sony are losing too much money on it, and sales of the 40gb, non backwards compatible version, are going through the roof.

After reeling from this, the advice I was given was simple: Either get one now, or you'll have to buy pre-owned, or a 40gb. (You can get the 60gb from the Amazon link below...)

Is this rumor? Is it true? Or is it a sales gimmick? Discuss.


Thursday, 15 November 2007

The Digg Effect: Explained in Pictures

Alrighty There People.

I love I spend a lot of time there, browsing sites, adding comments, making friends. Some of the sites are fantastic, and deserve to make the front page. Other sites... well... don't.

There's a lot of talk about the Digg Effect, and I just want to spend a few moments highlighting what it is. The Digg Effect can be fantastic - it can propel you into the limelight. It can sell products. It can get things done - like getting dusty PS3's repaired. It can showcase talent, and it can showcase idiots. It can make a site. It can break a site. The Digg Effect is a powerful force to be reckoned with.

But there is a dark side, a side which I think is best explained through pictures. So using rubbish clipart and a few spare minutes, I put this together. It may explain the horrors of the Digg Effect...

So here we see th tragic power of The Digg Effect. Kirsty had found a fantastic site, so she submitted it to Lots of people also found the site great, and dugg it, causing an overwhelming flood of traffic to the site. Too overwhelming, it would seem, for the site's servers. The site went down. The story gets buried. But hey, Kirsty lives on to see another day.

If you liked this explanation, please digg it. And hey, don't worry - I'm sure Google can handle it ;)

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Hey, You Americans – You Think You’ve Got High Fuel Prices?!

Alrighty There People!

Do you remember the fuel protests of September 2000? If not, check out the wiki:

Well, guess what. The prices have steadily risen, until we’re now standing at the pump, filling our cars but emptying our wallets.

I used to be able to almost fill the tank with £20. Granted, I was only driving a 1.1 petrol engined Fiesta, but even then, as the price of fuel escalated, my £20 wasn’t putting as much in the tank.

Seven years later, I now drive a 1.4 diesel Fiesta. £20 now gets me half a tank, if I’m lucky. Yes, I know, the fuel tank will be better, and yes, I appreciate that inflation effects the prices of fuel, and it’s unrealistic to think that the fuel of today will be the same price as it was seven years ago. But the price has risen drastically since those fuel protests.

Now, I am in no way encouraging another fuel protest, where tankers were being barricaded in the refineries. But I would like to point out the rising cost of our fuel here in the UK, and I’ve put together a couple of charts, based on information that is available from the website of The AA. (

Now, here you’ll find four graphs. The first graph show the price of unleaded and diesel, in pence per litre. The second shows the price of unleaded and diesel, in US cents per litre, just so that our American cousins can see what we’re putting up with. And, if you don’t do litres, the same graphs represent the price per gallon, in pence and cents respectively.

I’ve noticed a lot of sites crying out about the rising price of fuel in the states.

Sorry, but you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

TV Ruined My Life!

Alrighty There People!

This one's been in my head for a while now, and I've finally had time to think of what it should say and what to use...

Inspired by the Chocolate Love Story (the one with all the chocolate bar wrappers) and the Oily War (with all the petrol stations in a message from the government), I proudly present:

TV Ruined My Life!

If you've got super eyesight and can read that, congratulations. If not, I apologise, and point you to it's location:

Enjoy, share, discuss.


The Dieting Man

Saturday, 3 November 2007

The Dieting Man: Friday 2nd November 2007

Alrighty There People!

Well, I hang my head in shame. Only 1 silver star today. No, it wasn't junk food - although there was plenty of that flying around - it was the exercise. Although, saying that, I did go on boxing - but I'll come to that in a bit.

First of all, at work today I went to an awards ceremony. It was good, and there was a buffet - with sandwiches, cakes, desserts, biscuits and fruit. I had a coffee, a piece of pineapple, and a piece of melon. I was over the moon with my self control!

When I got home, I was absolutely wrecked, so didn't go on the bike. The only reason I went on boxing was to see if I could defeat Matt, and pinch those silver gloves of him. I tell you, they must be made of silver too, because a few hits from them and you're down! But first of all, I had two rounds of 'dodge' practice - so I suppose that counts too - and then I faced him. I did really well - although he knocked me down twice in the first round, I managed to get him down too, and lasted until the second round... where he clobbered me, and I did the only sane thing - I stayed on the floor until the ten seconds had gone. I didn't want another clunk on the head from him, not today anyway!

So devoid of another 60 odd points, I exited the ring. But I didn't have another fight, and I didn't do the bags - so what do you think? A silver star or not?

I leave it to your discretion.

Until tomorrow,


The Dieting Man

The Dieting Man: Thursday 1st November 2007

Alrighty There People!

Another successful day, another two silver stars!

I haven't yet uploaded the videos or pics for today's activities, but you'll be able to see them soon on Metacafe.

Today was great, I had no junk food, just cereal for breakfast and lunch, a healthy dinner of two lamp chops, potatoes, peas and sweetcorn, followed by a Magnum - well, I know it's ice cream, but dessert is part of a well rounded out meal, isn't it?

Then we went and did the shopping - that seems to take longer and longer each week - and then it was on the exercise bike. Now, I didn't give it my all this time, so the scores weren't as good - still ten minutes of the bike, but only covering 2.17 miles, and burning 8.1 calories. But never mind, some exercise is better than no exercise.

After that, it was onto the Wii for some Daily Exercise. Now, you may remember that yesterday's age came in at 54 - not good. So today, I was well pleased with my age of... 22! Rock on.

With that victory cheering me on, I proceeded to the punching bags, which went as follows:
Round 1: 30
Round 2: 23
Round 3: 30

Yup, pleased with those results. I think I need to analyse the way I punch, to up those scores a bit though...

On to the fights, and fight one was facing Elisa. Previously, I had found her and easy opponent, but she lasted for two rounds. The first round, I managed to down her twice, whilst she didn't down me at all, so I knew that it would be all over in round 2. It was, and I gained 66 points.

Then it was on to Round 2, where I faced Matt. Now, it turns out that he is the trainer of the boxing - no wonder he's so hard to defeat! I managed to not get KO'd the first time he downed me, but the second time, I wasn't so lucky. It was all over before the bell sounded for the end of round 1. Humiliated, I exited the ring, stripped of 63 points, leaving me with 1501. Which still isn't bad really, is it?

So, roll on tomorrow, another day, another two silver stars!

Until tomorrow,


The Dieting Man

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