Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Dieting Man: Progress Update

Alrighty There People!

Okay, well, I've got good news, and I've got bad news...

After that shocking start that I admitted to yesterday, I was determined to do better. It wasn't easy, and I'm not saying that yesterday as a 'good' day, but it was better than it has been in more recent time... I went on Wii Fit, and I did 3 workouts which gave me a combo of 17 minutes! Like I said, not fantastic, but seeing as it was the first time I had been on Wii Fit in over three months, I was quite pleased. More on that training in a moment...

On to yesterday's food consumption... well, it wasn't great, to be frank:

It started with my breakfast:
1 glass of water

Upon starting work, I had my usual:
1 Alpen Cereal bar (Fruit, nut and Choc)
1 glass of water

By mid morning I was feeling peckish... instead of eating my orange, I chose:
1 Cadbury's Boost

For lunch:
3 finger rolls stuffed with liver pate and lettuce
1 glass of water
1 mini snickers

Mid afternoon, munchies set in again:
1 Cadbury’s Crunchie
1 glass of water

Finished work, straight to the kitchen for...
1 mini milky way

That didn't interfere with my dinner, which was...
Potato and Leek grattan
Tinned corn
1 glass of water
1 Cadbury's buttons yogurt

By half nine, I was peckish again...
2 Choc chip cookies
1 tub profiteroles
1 hot chocolate
2 crackers with cranberry cheese

So, all in all, I pretty much made a pig of myself :(

So my fruit/veg intake
3/5 (lettuce in sarnies, leek in grattan, tinned corn)

Okay, on to my exercise...

I didn't want to do anything too strenuous - I decided not to do the Rhythm Boxing or Advanced Jogging. So I started with Step Plus - it's rhythmic but not too hard. Results:

Perfect Steps: 226
OK steps: 103
Missed steps: 7
Points: 555
Status: "Roaring Fire"
Rank: Unranked
Duration: 5 minutes

I then went on to the Advanced Hula Hoops - I'm no good at Hula Hoops in the real world, but on the Wii, I'm a star...
Left: 922
Right: 949
Points: 1871
Status: "Rocket Fire"
Rank: 1st
Duration: 7 minutes

Then I decided to go back to Step Plus - I used to be really good at this, and I'm number one on the scoreboard. I was a bit peeved that I was unranked earlier, so I wanted to at least get on the scoreboard:

Perfect Steps: 253
OK steps: 82
Missed steps: 1
Points: 588
Status: "Roaring Fire"
Rank: Unranked
Duration: 5 minutes

So, it was better, but I was still unranked. Meh, it'll take a bit of time to get back into the swing of it.

Then it was time for the dreaded Body Test.

Results were:

Current Weight: 13.10 stone (183.4lbs)
Change since last session: -3lbs
BMI: 32.67 (Extremely Obese)

So although the Wii claims I lost three pounds - which is my weekly weight loss target - I'm going to give it a few days, because I think that I can expect a 2 to 3lb fluctuation on a daily basis.

But I'm really pleased that I got started with the exercise, that's the kick up the backside that I needed.

Thoughts, comments, help, suggestions, criticisms all wanted - as well as support and motivation! Spread the word - I am The Dieting Man!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Swine Flu Merchandise!

I know that this is totally unrelated to my diet, or losing weight, but I thought that these Swine Flu T Shirts were absolutely fantastic, and most definitely worth a post! Check them out:

The Dieting Man: Here’s How It Is

Okay, so last week was a bit manic, and things didn't go according to plan. The whole world was against me starting my new regime of dieting and exercise - including electronics failing on me, friends inviting me out, and, most of all, my own lack of self discipline.

The weekend was fuelled with going out with friends and gorging on lasagne, pizza, chocolate, wine, fizzy drinks, nuts, cakes - oh my word it was a gluttonous fest. I loved it. No, wait, I didn't. Aaaargh I'm so confused.

Anyway, I decided that Monday I would start afresh. Cut down on my intake, increase my exercise from nil to something, and monitor the progress. I’m sick of seeing all these “I Got Ripped in 4 Weeks” ads – they all look really, really fake – are they even the same people? – but I want to slim myself down.

Well, I started monitoring anyway... This is what I took in, foodwise:

1 glass of water

Mid morning:
1 glass of water
Alpen cereal bar (Fruit, nut, chocolate)

3 finger rolls with liver pate and lettuce

Cadbury's Boost
Handful of grapes

Early Evening:
1 Chocolate yogurt

2 slices of Margherita pizza
1 jacket potato with cheese
1 glass of water
Little tub of (3) Profiteroles

Later On...
50g plain chocolate
500g Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie

So, there was some good in there, and some very, very bad. A full tub of Ben and Jerry's? Naughty. What's worse, though, is that I know that there is another one in the freezer. That's what happens when ASDA does a "2 for £3" deal. Damn them.

I tried to increase my portions of fruit intake, again from nil - I managed two of my five a day. That's okay, I guess.

Exercise? Yeah, that didn't happen. But I've got a (fairly) legitimate excuse - I've got this awful pain in my side - feels like I've been broadsided by a truck. In actual fact, I think that I've been 'kneed' in my side by my wife when asleep, but, naturally, she's denying all knowledge of it.

Anyway, I did put on the Wii, just to get an overview of where I am and what I need to do. Here's the results:

Days since last on Wii Fit: 107 (oops!)
Current Weight: 13.13 stone (approx 183lbs)
Change since last session: +7lbs
BMI: 33.23 (Extremely Obese)

I've set a goal of losing 3lbs every week for the next 6 months - I want to lose a stone and a half (around 24lbs).

Okay, so again, a quick overview - I'm going to try to keep to this format of overview regularly:
Type / Length of time:
NA / 00:00

Fruit intake:
2 / 5

It looks like I've got a lot of work to do, and a lot of self-discipline will be needed. I'm going to need to seriously cut down on junk food intake, increase fruit and veg intake, and do exercise. The plan is to do twenty minutes on the exercise bike daily, and then half an hour of activities on Wii Fit.

That was Monday. This is Tuesday. I am the Dieting Man. I WILL SUCCEED!

Your support would be very much appreciated.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

I Need to Lose Weight. Now.

It's been a while since I updated this blog. Main reason being, I've not been losing, nor trying to lose, weight.

But last night, something happened. I noticed. I noticed that, although I had been losing weight in recent months, I am now gaining weight. Rapidly, I fear. I feel fat. I look fat. I am fat.

This hit me like a tonne of bricks. I decided, there and then, that I need to cut down on my food intake, and increase my (virtually nil) exercise regime.

Here's the plan:
Restart my daily monitoring of food intake

Cut out coffee, in which I have two sugars
Only drink water every day
Cut down on chocolate and sweets
Go on Wii Fit every day for half an hour
Do some other form of exercise daily - possibly cycling - for another half hour
Keep records of all of the above
Take a weekly photo to see how I'm doing
Blog daily with progress reports

That is all. Support is more than welcome!

NB - I did try to go on the Wii last night, but batteries - for both the Wii mat and the Wii-mote - were dead. The batteries are on charge, I'll be on it tonight...

The Dieting Man

Saturday, 30 May 2009

An Opportunity...

Okay, I've got a proposition for you.

I'm going on holiday in July, to the (hopefully) sunny country of Italy. I'm staying in Pisa for a week - so will be visiting that most famous monument, the leaning tower.

I'll also be visiting Florence, Rome and possibly Verona.

I've managed to get a fairly good deal on flights - £330 return for the two of us. The hotel we managed to get cheaper by shopping around online, but it's still a bit pricey. I haven't yet sorted car hire, but I'm reckoning that's going to cost a couple of hundred. All in all, with flights, hotel, car hire, food and miscellaneous expenses - not to mention clothes that will need to be purchased before
departure - it's going to be quite expensive to fund this holiday in these credit crunching, recessive times.

But that's where my cunning plan, involving YOU, comes into play.

You see, I'm looking for sponsorship.

Let me spell it out to you:

You sponsor me to wear a piece of clothing with your brand name, logo, slogan, web address, whatever, on it, and I will do so, for £75.00 a day.

I'm going to have to limit this to hats and shorts though, as I can't guarantee I will keep a T shirt on in the sweltering heat of summertime Italy.

Here's the terms and conditions:

I WILL NOT promote:
Gambling companies
Sex industry companies
Tobacco companies

I am not willing to have any tattoos: permanent or temporary.

I will not wear any clothing with profanity, lewd themes or suggestive images/logos/slogans.

I may turn down your offer (with plenty of advance notice) due to personal preferences.

YOU must provide the item of clothing with all of your company details on it - I will not print anything onto it.

You must provide payment before departure.

Departure is late July – we will be leaving on a Sunday and returning on a Sunday.

I will wear your item(s) of clothing for one day of the holiday (or more if you pay me such - but you must provide extra clothing, I don't want to be smelly!)

As we do not yet have an itinerary planned, I cannot tell you yet on what days I am going to what attractions/cities etc. That will depend on the weather out there and what we feel like doing.

I will provide multiple photographic evidence of wearing your branded clothes - however, depending on internet availability may not be able to upload these on a daily basis.

Remember, I will be seen in densely populated areas - such as Newcastle airport, Pisa airport, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and quite possibly - but I can't guarantee it - Rome and Verona.

If you are seriously interested in this unique, fun and inspirational piece of marketing for your business, leave a comment.

Any questions?

The Dieting Man.

PS - I've lost quite a bit of weight lately - that's down to eating less, doing more activity and going on Wii Fit. It really does work!

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