Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The Dieting Man: Here’s How It Is

Okay, so last week was a bit manic, and things didn't go according to plan. The whole world was against me starting my new regime of dieting and exercise - including electronics failing on me, friends inviting me out, and, most of all, my own lack of self discipline.

The weekend was fuelled with going out with friends and gorging on lasagne, pizza, chocolate, wine, fizzy drinks, nuts, cakes - oh my word it was a gluttonous fest. I loved it. No, wait, I didn't. Aaaargh I'm so confused.

Anyway, I decided that Monday I would start afresh. Cut down on my intake, increase my exercise from nil to something, and monitor the progress. I’m sick of seeing all these “I Got Ripped in 4 Weeks” ads – they all look really, really fake – are they even the same people? – but I want to slim myself down.

Well, I started monitoring anyway... This is what I took in, foodwise:

1 glass of water

Mid morning:
1 glass of water
Alpen cereal bar (Fruit, nut, chocolate)

3 finger rolls with liver pate and lettuce

Cadbury's Boost
Handful of grapes

Early Evening:
1 Chocolate yogurt

2 slices of Margherita pizza
1 jacket potato with cheese
1 glass of water
Little tub of (3) Profiteroles

Later On...
50g plain chocolate
500g Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie

So, there was some good in there, and some very, very bad. A full tub of Ben and Jerry's? Naughty. What's worse, though, is that I know that there is another one in the freezer. That's what happens when ASDA does a "2 for £3" deal. Damn them.

I tried to increase my portions of fruit intake, again from nil - I managed two of my five a day. That's okay, I guess.

Exercise? Yeah, that didn't happen. But I've got a (fairly) legitimate excuse - I've got this awful pain in my side - feels like I've been broadsided by a truck. In actual fact, I think that I've been 'kneed' in my side by my wife when asleep, but, naturally, she's denying all knowledge of it.

Anyway, I did put on the Wii, just to get an overview of where I am and what I need to do. Here's the results:

Days since last on Wii Fit: 107 (oops!)
Current Weight: 13.13 stone (approx 183lbs)
Change since last session: +7lbs
BMI: 33.23 (Extremely Obese)

I've set a goal of losing 3lbs every week for the next 6 months - I want to lose a stone and a half (around 24lbs).

Okay, so again, a quick overview - I'm going to try to keep to this format of overview regularly:
Type / Length of time:
NA / 00:00

Fruit intake:
2 / 5

It looks like I've got a lot of work to do, and a lot of self-discipline will be needed. I'm going to need to seriously cut down on junk food intake, increase fruit and veg intake, and do exercise. The plan is to do twenty minutes on the exercise bike daily, and then half an hour of activities on Wii Fit.

That was Monday. This is Tuesday. I am the Dieting Man. I WILL SUCCEED!

Your support would be very much appreciated.

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