Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Dieting Man: Progress Update

Alrighty There People!

Okay, well, I've got good news, and I've got bad news...

After that shocking start that I admitted to yesterday, I was determined to do better. It wasn't easy, and I'm not saying that yesterday as a 'good' day, but it was better than it has been in more recent time... I went on Wii Fit, and I did 3 workouts which gave me a combo of 17 minutes! Like I said, not fantastic, but seeing as it was the first time I had been on Wii Fit in over three months, I was quite pleased. More on that training in a moment...

On to yesterday's food consumption... well, it wasn't great, to be frank:

It started with my breakfast:
1 glass of water

Upon starting work, I had my usual:
1 Alpen Cereal bar (Fruit, nut and Choc)
1 glass of water

By mid morning I was feeling peckish... instead of eating my orange, I chose:
1 Cadbury's Boost

For lunch:
3 finger rolls stuffed with liver pate and lettuce
1 glass of water
1 mini snickers

Mid afternoon, munchies set in again:
1 Cadbury’s Crunchie
1 glass of water

Finished work, straight to the kitchen for...
1 mini milky way

That didn't interfere with my dinner, which was...
Potato and Leek grattan
Tinned corn
1 glass of water
1 Cadbury's buttons yogurt

By half nine, I was peckish again...
2 Choc chip cookies
1 tub profiteroles
1 hot chocolate
2 crackers with cranberry cheese

So, all in all, I pretty much made a pig of myself :(

So my fruit/veg intake
3/5 (lettuce in sarnies, leek in grattan, tinned corn)

Okay, on to my exercise...

I didn't want to do anything too strenuous - I decided not to do the Rhythm Boxing or Advanced Jogging. So I started with Step Plus - it's rhythmic but not too hard. Results:

Perfect Steps: 226
OK steps: 103
Missed steps: 7
Points: 555
Status: "Roaring Fire"
Rank: Unranked
Duration: 5 minutes

I then went on to the Advanced Hula Hoops - I'm no good at Hula Hoops in the real world, but on the Wii, I'm a star...
Left: 922
Right: 949
Points: 1871
Status: "Rocket Fire"
Rank: 1st
Duration: 7 minutes

Then I decided to go back to Step Plus - I used to be really good at this, and I'm number one on the scoreboard. I was a bit peeved that I was unranked earlier, so I wanted to at least get on the scoreboard:

Perfect Steps: 253
OK steps: 82
Missed steps: 1
Points: 588
Status: "Roaring Fire"
Rank: Unranked
Duration: 5 minutes

So, it was better, but I was still unranked. Meh, it'll take a bit of time to get back into the swing of it.

Then it was time for the dreaded Body Test.

Results were:

Current Weight: 13.10 stone (183.4lbs)
Change since last session: -3lbs
BMI: 32.67 (Extremely Obese)

So although the Wii claims I lost three pounds - which is my weekly weight loss target - I'm going to give it a few days, because I think that I can expect a 2 to 3lb fluctuation on a daily basis.

But I'm really pleased that I got started with the exercise, that's the kick up the backside that I needed.

Thoughts, comments, help, suggestions, criticisms all wanted - as well as support and motivation! Spread the word - I am The Dieting Man!

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