Sunday, 18 November 2007

Sony Playstation 3 60Gb - Discontinued?

Alrighty There People.

So I was talking yesterday to someone who works in Gamestation, talking about my desire to get a Sony Playstation 3. I want the 60gb version, because, although I don't have a HDTV, I want the backwards compatibility with my PS2 games. I reckon what I'll do is trade in the PS2 for the PS3. Yeah, I know I'll only get about £20 for it, but at the end of the day, twenty quid is twenty quid.

I was browsing online the other day, and I noticed that in the states there is an 80gb Playstation 3. Haven't seen that here in the UK. So I mention this to the employee at Gamestation, who then hits me with this bombshell: The managers were talking about the Playstation 3, saying that the 60gb version is getting shelved because Sony are losing too much money on it, and sales of the 40gb, non backwards compatible version, are going through the roof.

After reeling from this, the advice I was given was simple: Either get one now, or you'll have to buy pre-owned, or a 40gb. (You can get the 60gb from the Amazon link below...)

Is this rumor? Is it true? Or is it a sales gimmick? Discuss.



Noreen said...

it's true, it has been announced a I think a month ago that they're discontinuing the 60GB model and there will only be 40GB PS3 models.

Alex said...

yes it is true... and has been confirmed by sony

it sucks nads too...

the backwards compatibility has been taken out cos customers don't want it?? bullshit. a massive stockpile of old legendary timeless games that I've got, why would I want to lose the memory of playing them

Metal Gear Solid on PS1 all the way

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