Saturday, 3 November 2007

The Dieting Man: Thursday 1st November 2007

Alrighty There People!

Another successful day, another two silver stars!

I haven't yet uploaded the videos or pics for today's activities, but you'll be able to see them soon on Metacafe.

Today was great, I had no junk food, just cereal for breakfast and lunch, a healthy dinner of two lamp chops, potatoes, peas and sweetcorn, followed by a Magnum - well, I know it's ice cream, but dessert is part of a well rounded out meal, isn't it?

Then we went and did the shopping - that seems to take longer and longer each week - and then it was on the exercise bike. Now, I didn't give it my all this time, so the scores weren't as good - still ten minutes of the bike, but only covering 2.17 miles, and burning 8.1 calories. But never mind, some exercise is better than no exercise.

After that, it was onto the Wii for some Daily Exercise. Now, you may remember that yesterday's age came in at 54 - not good. So today, I was well pleased with my age of... 22! Rock on.

With that victory cheering me on, I proceeded to the punching bags, which went as follows:
Round 1: 30
Round 2: 23
Round 3: 30

Yup, pleased with those results. I think I need to analyse the way I punch, to up those scores a bit though...

On to the fights, and fight one was facing Elisa. Previously, I had found her and easy opponent, but she lasted for two rounds. The first round, I managed to down her twice, whilst she didn't down me at all, so I knew that it would be all over in round 2. It was, and I gained 66 points.

Then it was on to Round 2, where I faced Matt. Now, it turns out that he is the trainer of the boxing - no wonder he's so hard to defeat! I managed to not get KO'd the first time he downed me, but the second time, I wasn't so lucky. It was all over before the bell sounded for the end of round 1. Humiliated, I exited the ring, stripped of 63 points, leaving me with 1501. Which still isn't bad really, is it?

So, roll on tomorrow, another day, another two silver stars!

Until tomorrow,


The Dieting Man

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