Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Hey, You Americans – You Think You’ve Got High Fuel Prices?!

Alrighty There People!

Do you remember the fuel protests of September 2000? If not, check out the wiki:

Well, guess what. The prices have steadily risen, until we’re now standing at the pump, filling our cars but emptying our wallets.

I used to be able to almost fill the tank with £20. Granted, I was only driving a 1.1 petrol engined Fiesta, but even then, as the price of fuel escalated, my £20 wasn’t putting as much in the tank.

Seven years later, I now drive a 1.4 diesel Fiesta. £20 now gets me half a tank, if I’m lucky. Yes, I know, the fuel tank will be better, and yes, I appreciate that inflation effects the prices of fuel, and it’s unrealistic to think that the fuel of today will be the same price as it was seven years ago. But the price has risen drastically since those fuel protests.

Now, I am in no way encouraging another fuel protest, where tankers were being barricaded in the refineries. But I would like to point out the rising cost of our fuel here in the UK, and I’ve put together a couple of charts, based on information that is available from the website of The AA. (

Now, here you’ll find four graphs. The first graph show the price of unleaded and diesel, in pence per litre. The second shows the price of unleaded and diesel, in US cents per litre, just so that our American cousins can see what we’re putting up with. And, if you don’t do litres, the same graphs represent the price per gallon, in pence and cents respectively.

I’ve noticed a lot of sites crying out about the rising price of fuel in the states.

Sorry, but you ain’t seen nothing yet.

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