Thursday, 15 November 2007

The Digg Effect: Explained in Pictures

Alrighty There People.

I love I spend a lot of time there, browsing sites, adding comments, making friends. Some of the sites are fantastic, and deserve to make the front page. Other sites... well... don't.

There's a lot of talk about the Digg Effect, and I just want to spend a few moments highlighting what it is. The Digg Effect can be fantastic - it can propel you into the limelight. It can sell products. It can get things done - like getting dusty PS3's repaired. It can showcase talent, and it can showcase idiots. It can make a site. It can break a site. The Digg Effect is a powerful force to be reckoned with.

But there is a dark side, a side which I think is best explained through pictures. So using rubbish clipart and a few spare minutes, I put this together. It may explain the horrors of the Digg Effect...

So here we see th tragic power of The Digg Effect. Kirsty had found a fantastic site, so she submitted it to Lots of people also found the site great, and dugg it, causing an overwhelming flood of traffic to the site. Too overwhelming, it would seem, for the site's servers. The site went down. The story gets buried. But hey, Kirsty lives on to see another day.

If you liked this explanation, please digg it. And hey, don't worry - I'm sure Google can handle it ;)

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