Friday, 16 March 2007

Thursday 15th March 2007

Alrighty There People!

Well, following yesterday's shambles of a day (well, more specifically, Dietally speaking), how did I fare today? Well, the orange on my desk that has been loitering suspiciously finally met his demise today, but there were a few naughty bits... read on to discover!

07:40 - Frosties and semi skimmed milk

09:30 - 1 cup of Seaton Spring water

10:30 - 1 cup of Seaton Spring water

12:15 - 2x brown bread, filled with Dairy Lea cheese spread and cucumber

12:20 - 1 chocolate yogurt (another fine Smart Price product. Admittedly, some Smart Price stuff is foul, believe me, but some is just real good. But no, ASDA, I don't think I would like sponsorship from Smart Price...)

13:15 - 1 cup of Seaton Spring water

14:24 - 1 cup of Seaton Spring water

16:00 - 1 cup of Seaton Spring water

16:10 - 1 Orange! Yay - it finally went!

17:20 - Chicken Tonight dinner, with rice

17:30 - 1 glass of special tap water. Okay, so not so special...

20:10 - Another glass - bigger - of tap water. Gotta love that water...

22:00 - 1 slice of Steak Pie - at the grandmother's

22:30 - 1 slice of Battenburg cake

So how do you think I have done today? Well, I think I get a plus point for the fruit. And I'm taking another Orange into work tomorrow. Okay, I didn't do any exercise today, but then again I didn't get in until quarter to midnight.

Here's good news though - I went shopping, and didn't buy any rubbish. I was very tempted by the profiteroles - I'm sure they nearly jumped into my trolley - but I managed to resist.

The exercise bike comes out of hiding tomorrow, I've managed to track it down and will wrestle it out of hiding after work.

I've been thinking about sponsorship. Surely someone would love to sponsor me, get a bit of publicity, in exchange for helping me loose weight? I was thinking like a gym or something - give me free membership for three months, I'll go to the gym twice a week, I'll wear their T shirt or whatever, and I'll 'advertise' them on this blog! What do you think?

Well, any other ideas are warmly welcomed.

By the way, tomorrow is Red Nose Day - check out The Laughter File, at for a Special Edition of Mark's book - raising money for comic relief!
(I have to plug his book, he'd go nuts if I didn't!)

Until tomorrow,


The Dieting Man

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