Monday, 26 March 2007

Friday 23rd March 2007

Alrighty There People!

Well, I did it - I walked to work! It was fantastic. It only took half an hour, but I felt so invigorated when I got to work, I was buzzing! Of course, as the day wore on, and the weather turned nasty, I was left with the foreboding challenge of walking back home... I was even offered a lift home, but turned it down. When it came to 'home time', it was cool but bright, so, Radio 1 playing through my phone, I headed home. I was wrecked when I got home, half an hour later, but within five minutes I had that invigorated feeling back - it felt so great! So I'm definitely going to make a habit of it.

I tell you what's really good about spending a full day at work - you bring your lunch with you, and then that's it. No nipping into the kitchen for a piece of chocolate, no sitting around thinking, "I'm bored - I'll have something to eat." I think that's what is the trouble with weekends and evenings - it's so easy to nip into the kitchen, into a shop, and grab a bite of totally unhealthy, anti dieting food.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings - onto the good stuff - today's incomings.

07:00 - Frosties with semi skimmed milk (I've been told to cut out the Frosties because of their high sugar content - so when I finish this box I'll go back to Rice Krispies...)


08:15 - 1 glass of water

09:30 - 1 glass of water

10:40 - 3x GO Ahead Apple biscuits (very nice, apparently low fat too...)

11:04 - 1 glass of water

12:26 - 1 glass of water

12:30 - 2x white bread rolls, stuffed with tuna and pineapple

12:35 - 2x Muller Yogurts (again, been told that these are high in sugar... great...)

14:13 - 1 glass of water

15:00 - black coffee, 2 sugars and 1 bourbon biscuit!

15:45 - 1 glass of water


17:25 - 1 glass of water

19:00 - Pizza (Chicken, peppers, mushroom and sweetcorn) and jacket potato

So that was it people - a long day, plenty of good food (not much junk their really!) and plenty of exercise.

Now all I need is to keep that up, and get myself a decent sponsor, and make a bit of money out of my diet!!!

Until tomorrow,


The Dieting Man

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Clare said...

Yeah! Go for it. Glad you enjoyed the walk into work and the buzz that it gave you. Hope it continues - with some regular exercise, you'll start to see the benefits. :)

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