Saturday, 3 February 2007

Day 12 - Friday 2nd February 2007 (Groundhog's Day!)

Alrighty There People!

What another busy day! No work today, though - retail therapy. But how come retail therapy kills the feet???

Anyway, I was good today. Usually, when participating in retail therapy, I need many sugarised products, to keep the strength up. That may be in the form of a burger and shake from McDonalds, a Snickers, or at this time of year, a Cadbury's Creme Egg or two. Or even all of the above. But today I managed to survive on just a hot chocolate from Burger King and a Millie's cookie (which are, by the way, ridiculously priced!)

Anyway, here are the todays incomings:

09:00 - Shreddies with Semi Skimmed Milk

09:10 - Muller Drink (by the way, these are so much nicer than the bitter Actimel drinks)

12:00 - Cheese, ham, cucumber sandwich

12:15 - Tropical juice drink

12:20 - Kellogg's Oat Bar (now onto the Totally Oaty ones, which aren't as nice as the Raspberry ones)

14:00 - Hot Chocolate (the aforementioned Burger King variety. McDonald's is better)

14:15 - Cookie (erm... Double Chocolate chip... come on, it was a treat!)

18:00 - Chicken, chips, coke x 2 (Nando's - ever been there? Really nice!)

22:25 - 1 glass of water

Okay, so lessons learned today:
When I'm at work, I drink lots of water. When I'm not... I dont.
When out and about, I don't need to pig out on junk food.
Nandos is really cheap - £11.15 for a meal for two!!!

I made my fruit salad tonight, chucking in my melon, pineapple, grapes and an orange. I'll delve into that tomorrow.

I must take some pictures, too, and get them uploaded - not that you'll notice a difference.

Anyway, until tomorrow,


The Dieting Man

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