Monday, 19 February 2007

Day 28 - Sunday 18th February 2007

Alrighty There People!

Well, I went around to parent's house tonight - that always means eating something that I shouldn't....

A quiet day all in all, here are the incomings:

09:00 - Rice Krispies with semi skimmed milk

09:15 - Muller Drink

13:20 - Carrott and Coriander 'Good For You' Soup

13:30 - 2 brown bread buns

13:40 - Tropical juice

13:50 - Muller Healthy Balance yogurt

16:00 - 'Good For You' Chocolate Bar

17:30 - Black coffee

19:00 - Lasagne

19:30 - Ice Cream, Strawberries and Bananas

19:40 - 1 cup of water

21:00 - 1 stick of Bueno Kinder chocolate

Well, I wasn't toooooo bad today, really... And that soup was lovely at lunchtime... really nice.

And my dessert tonight did contain fruit... along with the ice cream :)

Anyway, until tomorrow,


The Dieting Man

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simpatico said...

Ok, alrighty! I don't know how the heck I landed here, but I'll take it as a sign. A sign to take my 'concentration pills' more seriously. Ok, dude. You're doing a good thing here trying to lose weight and all, and I wish you success. Cuz you're gonna need it. Dieting, schmieting, losing weight, & schmosing late, tend to be cyclic and circular efforts. I know you want the truth. No sense sugar-coating it, or giving you false hope. First of all, you're going to need to face how you got where you are now. Gaining weight is insidious and no one needs a sneaky friend, right? So you gotta play cop to your habits and wobbly self-discipline, ok? The neat thing is you have a lovely wife who loves and accepts you just as you are, right? So she can be a great help and support to you. The single most important advice anyone can tell you at this point is to take your weight off s-l-o-w-l-y. About a pound a week if you want to be successful. I'm gonna sign-off now because I'm busy and didn't mean to drop in on you like this - but I'm a fairly decent guest - by whatever means I end up on your doorstep, ok? I'll be back to check up on you to see if you've lost *at least* 15 ounces since this note to you. Good luck!

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