Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Special K Diet: Tuesday's Report

Tuesday's are really busy days for me. Work, exercises, to the Mother-in-law's for tea, out to a meeting, and home. Usually home for half nine, ten pm. Very busy indeed.

Yesterday was no exception.

I ate my Special K and skimmed milk for breakfast. To be honest, I enjoy it. Some say it's bland, horrible, cardboard, etc. But to me, it's cereal, part of a healthy, balanced diet, and I'm fine with it.

I didn't really drink much water yesterday, but I ate my Alpen Light cereal bar with pleasure. Although I did bite on an ulcer in my mouth and pop it, but my brain's pleasure receptors were outdoing the pain receptors, so I didn't notice it.

Lunchtime was great. Special K with skimmed milk and two tangerines, and that was it. No more food until dinner.

For dinner, I had macaroni cheese and roast potatoes, followed by a chunk of home made cheese cake. Gorgeous!

I made myself a strawberry milkshake when I got in, and had with it a chocolate yogurt. I had already done twenty minutes on the bike, and I was exhausted and shattered, so didn't do my dances or weigh in. I'll be doing that Wednesday night.

If you're reading this and have any comments/suggestion, let me know!

The Dieting Man.

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