Monday, 25 July 2011

Special K Diet: Friday's Report

Ah Friday, the most uplifting day of the week, particularly when it hits five pm...

Friday started the same way as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday... a bowl of Special K drenched in skimmed milk, as I browsed the net and checked... stuff.

I was in a predicament. I had left my portable cereal and milk containers at work, and I didn't have any spares. I hadn't got rolls out of the freezer. I was out of options. With a sigh, I resigned myself to the notion of nipping to ASDA for either sarnies or pasta. But my dark side had other ideas...

I got to work, and cracked on. My mid-morning snack of an Alpen Light cereal bar was opened, inserted, and gone within 30 seconds of the clock hitting 9am. I love them chocolate and coconut snacks.

I was on my own, which isn't the norm, but halfway through the round my mind was made up: McDonalds. It had been a tough half-morning, I was torn between healthy and pigging out. Pigging out won.

I rolled into McDonalds at quarter to twelve and joined the healthy queue. What I mean by healthy queue was that there was a considerable number of people in the queue, not that the people were healthy... this was, after all, McDonalds. Anyway, I placed my order: Quarter pounder with cheese, large. When asked what drink I would like, I responded with, "Do you do iced mochas?" She smiled, leaned forward, and said, laughing, "What's one of them, I've never heard of it!" I was quite taken aback by this, and only managed, "It's... it's a cold coffee and choco-never mind, I'll have a coke."

I grabbed my goodies, and hoofed it back to base. I sat down, got comfortable, and ate. The burger and chips were finished with a Smarties McFlurry. This diet's going great... /sarcasm

I got home, and did my exercises. Twenty minutes on the bike, three sweat producing dances that exceeded my 1000 sweat-points-per-day target, and then Wii Fit for the body test. Astoundingly, my BMI had dropped a couple of hundredths of a point. Although my weight hadn't changed, it had. I was down a pound. Nice one! The Wii was more optimistic than I was. I was now weighing in at 13 stone 12 pounds, and my target is 12 stone. The deadline for the target is... Saturday. But the Wii tells me that I'm "approaching my goal at a good pace!"

However. There's always a however. Saturday incorporated a trip to the cinema, to see the atrocious Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon. That meant sweets. Not copious amounts, but, you know, a few. It also meant fish and chips... But I did spend the afternoon in the garden felling trees, so I worked up a bit of a sweat there. I was also gardening on Sunday.

Unfortunately, I didn't get on either the exercise bike or the Wii on Saturday or Sunday, so I'll have to wait til Monday night to see what my weight is.

I'm dreading it...

The Dieting Man.

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