Monday, 18 July 2011

Oh Yeah, About Last Week...

Last week I was on holiday. Remember, anniversary? Okay, so Wife and I had a week off, exploring the glorious sights, sounds and smells of the English countryside. We're talking Severn Valley Steam Train, West Midland's Safari Park, Chatsworth House, Heights of Abraham, and more. And food. Copious amounts of food. I mean, come on, I was on holiday. Diet was out the window.

Pizza Hut. Restaurants. Cafes. Sandwich shops. Ice cream. Groan.

I haven't weighed myself yet. To be quite honest, I'm dreading seeing those numbers creep up and up and up.

So today I have prepared my usual lunch. When I finish work, I'm going on the exercise bike, Just Dance AND Wii Fit.

I'll update tomorrow with how I got on today, including current weight, BMI, and eating.

See you then!

The Dieting Man

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