Friday, 8 July 2011

Special K Diet: Thursday's Report

Ah, Thursday. The penultimate day of the working week, the beginning of the end for the 9 til 5ers.

All in all, it was a good day. It wasn't a great day, but it wasn't a bad day either.

It started out bright and fresh, along with my bowl of Special K with skimmed milk.

As is my usual habit, I had an Alpen Light cereal bar around half eight, and by lunchtime I had consumed half a litre of water.

For lunch, again it was Special K and semi skimmed milk, along with two tangerines. I resisted the urge to wander down to ASDA, where I would deplete my bank accout but increase my waistline. Instead, I grabbed a chair, went outside, and snoozed in the Sun.

When I went back on the road, the heavens opened. The rain was torrential, it was dark, and I could feel a storm brewing...

Hometime rolled round earlier than usual, so I was in the house for quarter to four. My growling stomach guided me straight to the fridge, where I grabbed a choccy yogurt... naughty but nice.

I then chilled on the PS3 for a bit, goofing around on Just Cause 2, an awesome game.

Dinner was served - lamb chops, new potatoes, and brussel sprouts. Yum. The portion was small and healthy, and I loved it. A glass of water to wash it down, and a Cornetto to finish. Sorted.

Now then. Remember I said yesterday that our anniversary is rapidly approaching? Well, family members wanted to shower us with gifts - and I certainly wasn't going to decline - so at half nine we headed out. A bit of food was served, to which I was party to - twi slices of pizza, and then home made Rocky Road Cheesecake dessert... oh dear.

We didn't get back into the house until quarter to 12, by which time it was too late to do any exercising. I know, I know, I should've done exercise instead of playing JC2... Nevermind, eh...

I'll let you know how today (Friday) goes tomorrow.

I'm still The Dieting Man. I'm just not very good at it...

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