Thursday, 21 July 2011

Special K Diet: Wednesday's Report

Wednesday was cold, damp, and dark. It was more like November than July, and it felt it.

I started how I meant to go on: very well. Special K with skimmed milk for breakfast, browsing the net and checking my emails. Pure bliss.

Reality and work followed quickly, and my mid morning snack was well received. I was drinking water like I'd never see it again, I was mega thirsty.

Lunch was back to normal, Special K and skimmed milk. I didn't eat my two tangerines that I'd packed, rather, I spent my lunchtime polishing my boots. Sad, yes, but industrious too!

I had to go to ASDA after work, but I couldn't remember why... I strolled around, picked up some more shoe polish, and spied Frijj Chocolate Milkshake for 50p. BARGAIN! Then I bought a Mars bar, naughty naughty. Both were demolished on the drive home. But I made up for it with 20 minutes on the exercise bike, followed by three strenuous, sweat inducing, heart attack beckoning dances. One was the Monster Mash - what's that all about then? Weird.

I then flipped onto Wii Fit, and I was gutted. My balance was off - not by much, it was 49 ish and 51 ish. But my weight - I'd pu on another pound, so I'm now tipping the scales at bang on 14 stones. Mortified.

But hopefuly, this exercise regime will see results soon - I know I'm still snacking more than I should, but I've cut right down, and I'm eating small portions, well, for breakfast and lunch anyway.

Dinner was chicken curry followed by strawberry cornetto, and then I spent the rest of the night playing Need for Speed Shift Unleashed on the PS3.

Oh, and I remembered what I needed at ASDA: milk. I'll have enough for cereal in the morning, but it'll be sarnies for lunch.

Oh well.

I am The Dieting Man.

Oh, and no photos, my phone was on charge upstairs. Maybe tomorrow...

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