Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Special K Diet: Tuesday's Report

Tuesday went well.

I felt better when I got up Tuesday morning - I say better, it's never a good thing when you've got to be out of bed by half six for work. But needs must, those bills won't pay themselves!

I munched my way through the Special K and skimmed milk as I surfed the net... browsing the latest on Reddit, checking my email, checking my book sales (yup, those are my books on the right there, have you bought one? What did you think?) Anyway, book sales are healthy, I've got some on the iBook store now, woohoo!

Where was I? Oh yes, munching through my Special K. Anyway, I finished them, got ready for work, and made sandwiches for lunch. Sandwiches? That's right. My work schedule had been reaaranged for Tuesday, and I knew I wasn't going to get back to base for lunch, so would have to eat on the road. Upside was that I'd be getting an early finish.

I start work, and I'm so busy I don't have time for my mid morning snack. Well, I do, but it's a lot later than usual. About 11, by which time my stomach is screeching like tortured metal against metal. I devour my Alpen Light bar - I can't remember if I actually took the time to chew it, or just swallowed it whole. Anyway. I park up for lunch at around one, and eat two white bread rolls with Cheddar cheese and lettuce. My mind is confused, wondering where the Special K is, but my stomach doesn't care, it just absorbs the food as if it hadn't tasted anything but Special K since 1996.

I finished work and headed home at half past two. I took the time to do a bit of quiet reading, and then got on with the task at hand: exercise.

I found some batteries for the exercise bike's computer, and booted up FIFA10. I was playing against Catalina in Manager Mode. I beat them 4 nil. Apparently it was a surprise win. I thought it was down to my skill. Anyway, turns out I was only pedalling for 15 minutes, so I'll have to extend the matchtime tomorrow - that'll give the opposing team a bit of a chance too.

Next was Just Dance 2. I moonwalked my way through I Want You Back by The Jackson 5, and the other songs were less memorable, although one was very tribal. I accrued 1212 Sweat Points, putting me ahead of schedule for my 7000 Sweat Points per week goal. It sounds so glam, doesn't it...

Onto Wii Fit, and my balance was off kilter, although my excuse is that I wasn't fully ready for it. My BMI had gone up, and I'd gained a pound. Damn. Back up to 13 stone and 13 pounds. But that exercise is gonna pay off soon, although it's early days.

Wife and I went to the Mother-in-law's for dinner, where we were served a beef casserole, yorkshire puddings, mashed potatoes and cabbage. Yum! Dessert was a Cadbury's Flake yogurt. All part of a balanced diet...

We didn't get home til around ten, and I wanted to sort a few bits and bobs that I'll be putting on eBay this week, so I didn't bother doing any more exercise. I'm quite happy with what I'm doing at the minute, but may increase my activity in a week or so if I deem it necessary.

I may post a current picture tomorrow, or maybe a pic of myself whilst on the exercise bike.

I am The Dieting Man.

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