Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Special K Diet: A Progress Report

So yesterday, Monday 4th July, I decided to re-engage with the Special K diet. Here's how it works: Special K for breakfast and lunch, normal evening meal.

Didn't quite go according to plan... the day started well, took a nose dive, but ended on a positive note... let me explain:

I had my breakfast at half six. A small portion of Special K, served up with skimmed milk.

My mid-morning break saw me nibbling on an Alpen Light cereal bar, in an attempt to stave off the hunger pangs.

Lunch, served up at around half eleven, was a repeat of breakfast, but with the addition of two tangerines. So far, so good.

I'd also managed to drink about a litre of water up to to this point, which was good news for my health, but strenuous on my bladder...

I got home from work at about half four - late, I know - and raid the cupboard. Bad mistake. A huge jar of Nutella eyes me woefully, pleading to be consumed. I consider the offer, and decide to help. I grab a spoon, and wham. Before I know what's happened, two scoopfuls of the delicious, nutty, smoothy, silky goodness has slitered down my throat. Oops.

I had no more snacks. But my evening meal consisted of half a pizza, a jacket potato, glass of water, and a chocolate cornetto. Actually, it wasn't a Cornetto, it was ASDA's version of a cornetto, but it's the same thing, isn't it... Oh, and then I had a can of Bud.

But I redeemed myself... I turned on the Wii, went on Just Dance 2, danced until the sweat was dripping off of my nose, and then went on Wii Fit. Current weight: 13 stones and 13 pounds. Damn.

Let's hope I do better on Tuesday...

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