Thursday, 7 July 2011

Special K Diet: Wednesday's Report

Alrighty There.

Ah. It's not good news, I'm afraid. Well, saying that, it's not TERRIBLE, but it could have been better. Much better.

I started by getting up five minutes earlier, at 6.25. Feels good, that. An extra five minutes. Nice.

Whilst the laptop was booting up, I drenched a miserably small portion of Special K in skimmed milk.

It takes me around 9.3 seconds to slowly get through my breakfast allowance. I spend a bit of time faffing around on the net, and checking my emails, seeing if I've hit the big time yet. Nope. Ah well, washed, put some clothes on and off to work.

So around half 8 the hunger pangs are clawing at my stomach like ... like... like a ravenous fox clawing at a rabbit hole, knowing that there is a plump, sumptious bunny waiting to be devoured. Dammit, now I'm salivating. Anyway, so I rip the wrapper off of my Alpen Light cereal bar, and demolish it. Nice.

I get back to base at 12 on the dot, and by then I'm going wild with hunger again. I cram the Special K into the cavity that a biology teacher would call a mouth, and then start strumming my fingers on the desk. I get up, and take a stroll (note: exercise) to ASDA, as I need to pick up some items:

A hose spray attachment, for my new toy, the garden hose. I know. I'm so sad.

Wrapping paper (it's our wedding anniversary, and I need to wrap the awesome pressies I've got for Wife)

Some ASDA equivalent of peanut M&Ms..... mmmmm... soooo nice

A bottle of chocolate milk

The M&M wannabies were gone by three o clock, and the chocolate milk was finished before I'd cleared the ASDA car park...

I got home, and I honestly can't remember if I had anything to eat... which probably means I did...

I remember having a Cadbry's Fudge before dinner.... which, incidentally, was Chicken Curry. Mmmm, nice.

I then was so busy spray painting my bike (which looks fab, by the way) that I then didn't have anything until bedtime, when I had a hot chocolate.

So. No fruit. No exercise. Too much chocolate.

Today (Thursday) had better be better... Oh, and I've hit 30. Marvellous.

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