Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Special K Diet: Tuesday's Report

Tuesday went a lot better than Monday.

The day went exactly the same as Monday, from breakfast, lunch, water and fruit... but again my downfall came when I got home from work.

I helped myself to an Ainsley Harriott chocolate bar... and then a smooth, delicious chocolate mousse yogurt. Damn!

My evening meal was wholesome enough - steak lattice with mashed potatoes and some other veg that I can't remember, washed down with a glass of cool water, and followed by.... A Cadbury's Buttons dessert... Oh dear.

Later on that night I had ANOTHER delicious smooth chocolate yogurt. Can you see a patern here?

I didn't end up going on the Wii last night because it got too late.

Hopefully today will be better all round.


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