Friday, 22 July 2011

Special K Diet: Thursday's Report

Ah, Thursday. Nearly the best day of the week, as it means that Friday is looming. And we all know that Friday is the official start of the weekend. Well, that's what I say anyway...

Thursday started with me shattered. My pal, we'll call him Phil, because that's his name, had come over on Wednesday night to experience the Logitech Driving Force GT, along with Gran Turismo 5 and Need for Speed Shift Unleashed. To say he was impressed is the understatement of the year. Well, no, I suppose that accolade goes to "News of the World has had some bad press recently"... anyway, I digress. Point is, he was at mine til midnight. Not that I'm bothered, I enjoyed it enormously. But it did leave me tired.

So there I am, eyelids drooping, spoonfuls of Special K being chewed wearily as I check my email. All is well in the world of The Dieting Man. Nice.

I'm on a different round at work, and it's like a breath of fresh air. Of course, I still have my early mid morning Alpen Light cereal bar snack.

Now then, remember that I ran out of milk yesterday? Well, yeah. So that leaves me with white rolls, cheddar cheese and lettuce sarnies. I also had my two tangerines. One was dry - I couldn't get my head around that - the other was so bitter it made my eyes water.

I had loads to do when I got home, so I postponed exercising until later. Dinner was satisfying - chicken pie, potatoes and veg, followed by a nice Strawberry Cornetto.

I had MORE stuff to do, so it wasn't unti half ten that I powered up the PS3, dragged out the exercise bike, got Udinese into their kit and started my regime.

I was getting hammered 2 nil, but I managed to bring it back for a disappointing draw.

I cycled for just over 20 minutes, covering a distance of 5 and a bit miles. Now that's a result!

From there, it was on to Just Dance 2, where I bopped to Avril Lavigne's Girlfriend, a song by Daft Punk, and another one which my aging memory can't recall.

Wife took some photos and videos of me on the bike, and dancing... it was shocking. Seriously bad. I may upload some... maybe.

My BMI had dropped a few decimals, but according to the Wii, my weight hadn't changed, even though the graph had dropped. So hopefully tomorrow I'll drop a pound or two.

It got really, really late, and I didn't end up going to bed til half one. I'm writing this at 3.30 on Friday, and I'm exhausted... but I'll update you on Friday's progress soon.

The Dieting Man.

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