Saturday, 9 July 2011

Special K Diet: Friday's Report

Do you remember that I said it was our Wedding Anniversary coming up? Well it's tomorrow, Sunday. And we've gone away for the weekend-in fact, I'm writing this from my hotel room.

What's that got to do with Friday's report? Well, I woke up in ready-for-holiday mode. I still had my Special K and semi skimmed milk for breakfast, but when it came to prepping my lunch (aka putting Special K in a tupperware container) I thought, "Stuff it. Holiday time."

I had my Alpen Cereal bar at the usual time.

I finished my morning work at the usual time.

And then I visited one of my old haunts.


Ah, the smell. The ambience. The - well, hold on. It smells like McDonalds, and it was in Sunderland, so there wasn't much ambience.

But before I knew it, I was ordering a large quarter pounder with cheese meal, complete with coke and a Drifter's McFlurry.

And it tasted glorious. There was no guilt, just satisfaction. Of course, I then had two mega healthy tangerines, so that helps, right? Right?

The afternoon was uneventful enough. Now, usually, on a Friday afternoon, Wife does shopping. I get in at around 4, she gets in with shopping at around half past. The gives me half an hour to chill. But oh no. Not today. You see, when I got home, she hadn't DONE the shopping. So I had to then go with her.

I was flagging at this point, so I grabbed a Rocky to keep me going. What? I'd finished all the tangerines!

Dinner was half a fresh pizza, a slice of garlic bread, a glass of water and a bowl of chocolate ice cream.

I think I'm doing this all wrong...

Then parentals came around to drop off anniversary presents and wish us well.

We had a couple of glasses of red wine... and then, because it was so late, and we hadn't even packed yet, we hit the sack. It was half eleven.

I KNOW that I'm not gonna stick to the diet during this holiday... but I'll keep you posted.

I'm still trying to be The Dieting Man.

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