Monday, 1 August 2011

Special K Diet: Wednesday to Sunday: Update

Ah, I see that I haven't updated for some time. There's good reason. As you may have deduced by now, I give my daily updates a day late. That is, if I blog on a Thursday, it's to give Wednesday's report.

Now last week, a semi-emergency situation raised its ugly head. You'd better grab a coffee, this is gonna be a long post...

So the trees in my back garden are huge. It's great and private, but they're just too big. It was time to cut them down.

Last weekend - as in 23rd July - I started chopping them down. It was pretty slow going, but Wife and I were managing. We'd fill about 6 garden sacks, load them into the Astravan, and take them tol the local waste disposal.

We had pretty much finished, when neighbour dude popped in. He thought we'd made great progress, and was pleased, as it was good for his garden. He then decided to help, and grabbed his chainsaw. Yeah, that's right, chainsaw. He did a great job, getting two 30 foot pines with it. They ended up in my garden, rightly so, as they were my trees. But now I've got two 30 foot trees on my lawn.

Knowing that I had no more time to sort them that day, I decided to get Thursday and Friday off of work.

That's why I've not posted an update - I've been busy in the garden.

Wednesday is now but a distant memory.

Thursday I sepnt all day hacking trees in the garden, and disposing of them. I ate sparingly, and obviously didn't get around to any exercise as I was extremely wrecked.

Ditto for Friday.

Saturday was kind of back to normal, and I went to a free airshow. I had icecream... naughty.

And Sunday was similarly eventless.

I'll be dancing, exercising, and weighing in tonight, and will report in tomorrow.

The Dieting Man.

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