Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Here We Go Again...

I haven't checked when I last posted. I haven't checked how much I weigh. I know, however, that its been a while. I know, too, that I'm somewhere between 14 and 15 stone. But I thought that I'd try and resume blogging, maybe it'll motivate me, maybe it'll provide some entertainment for you...

I'd been doing well recently. I'd cut right down on my junk food, I was eating five pieces of fruit and veg each day, lunch consisted of tuna on Ryvita, I was eating a well rounded out evening meal. The only thing lacking was exercise.

Before I could get a chance to get a grip on exercise, though, I'd slipped back to my old ways. ASDA at lunchtime, to stock up on Mars bars, Maltesers, Frijj chocolate shakes, Cadburys Creme Eggs, oh man, the list goes on. I could feel my belt getting tighter by the day as my waistline expanded. Damn.

Then I went on holiday. It was just for a weekend, but you know how it is. You don't diet when on holiday. But I did go for a massive 2 hour walk, which I suppose contributes for something.

Since then, I've been better. I went on an hour long bike ride with my brother in law around Sunderland last Wednesday. I took him to the Ski slope, then showed him where I crashed my van just that morning on Hope Road.

On Friday I went up to Berwick upon Tweed to dig a trench.

On Saturday I went for an hour long walk along the river at Durham.

On Monday I went for a three hour walk in Tynemouth. True, I had chips too, but I think its safe to say that I walked them off.

I feel pretty healthy. I feel pretty fit. This morning, I put my trousers on, and I'm on the second from last hole on the belt-soon I'll not be able to make it any tighter.

I've brought a healthy lunch out with me. If I can just avoid nipping into ASDA, I may just stand a chance at cracking this dieting malarkey...

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