Thursday, 26 April 2012

Ooops, I Skipped A Day...

Yesterday was hectic. I mean, most days are busy, but yesteday was HECTIC. Mind if I talk about it? Okay, here goes.

Full day of work. Up at 6.15, left at 7.30, work from 7.45. At lunchtime, nipped to the local DIY store for supplies. Washed van. Waxed van. Back out to work. Back in at 16.15. Far too wet to weed the front garden. Far too wet to take Dog for a walk. Started the mammoth task of washing up. Wife arrived. Wife in mood because of a decision that I had made during the day. (Disclaimer 1: It was not a massive decision. Disclaimer 2: I rang Wife's mobile FOUR TIMES to get her input on the decision. It rang out each time. The decision was time critical). Had dinner. Wife went to Bokwa. Mate arrived to discuss decision. Had to tell him that my earlier decision was now defunct and try to deal with the mild ramifications of that. Wife arrived home from Bokwa. Still in mood. Got her to discuss reason for decision/mood/lack of understanding with myself and mate. FINALLY issue was resolved. Went to bed. Timecheck: 12.30.

Aaaand... Breathe.

So. Yeah. A rather hectic day. The diet? Ha. Healthy eating? You're having a laugh. Exercise? Get real.

The more salient points:  Drank coffee, ate multiple biscuits. Had fruit, ryvita, tuna. Had Mars bar, chocolate, snacks, Jelly Beans, Pepsi, Ice Cream.

Dammit I'm rubbish at dieting.

The Dieting Man.

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