Thursday, 12 April 2012

It Continues...

So you know how yesterday I finished off by saying that if I avoided going to ASDA, I should be safe? Yeah, well, I did manage to avoid ASDA. That is, until I got home from work. And my dear, loving, adorable wife said to me, "I'm about to go shopping. Do you want to come?"

Now, the truth was, I DIDN'T want to go. I had another customer that I had to see, and we were going to the mother-in-law's for dinner. If I went to ASDA, I would be late for the customer, then late for dinner. I told wife this. But she looked at me with those endearing eyes, saying that she would rather I accompanied her.

So I did. And £78 later, we left ASDA. In the trolley were some true bargains. A tub of Ben and Jerry's for just £2.50. A four pack of Mars bars for just £1.00. ASDA oat and raisin cookies. Bourboun biscuits. And loads more. And yes, I was late for my customer, and subsequently late for dinner...

But really, I did well yesterday. I had my lunch of tuna on two slices of Ryvita, followed by a carrot. I had a Muller Cherry yogurt, and a fun-sized Mars bar. 

For my dinner, I had a roast dinner then dessert.

But it's in the evenings when it gets really hard. There I was, surfing AutoTrader for a new car, whilst wife watched The Apprentice. I just HAD to have one of my ASDA cookies, washed down with a Frijj chocolate shake (did I mention that that was reduced to just 55p? What a bargain.)

Then I spoke to my Dad on the phone for a while, seeing how he was, shooting the breeze and all that jazz. Turned on the PS3, put on Assassin's Creed... ate another cookie.

But that was it, honestly!

Oh, and yeah, no exercise. But I did take the dog for a walk at lunchtime, that's got to count for something, hasn't it?

Now, on a morning, I usually have a cup of coffee with 2 ginger nuts. But for some reason, today, I had a cup of coffee and half a packet of Bourboun biscuits. They're just... so.... moresome.

I've since had an apple, a Mars bar (no, not one from the multipack, I left them in the house - I got it from a vending machine. 65p. SIXTY FIVE PENCE! Daylight robbery.)  I've just had my lunch, consisting of tuna on Ryvita and a carrot, and I'm about to make a mess of two plums. As for exercise... well, I might wash the van.

I'm going to jump on the scales tonight and weigh myself - I think I'll post an update when I do. That might give me something to work towards.

Right, back to AutoTrader now... decisions, decisions...

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