Monday, 16 April 2012

So it didn't happen, again...

So it didn't happen, again. I know, I know, I said I would weigh myself once company had left on Friday night, but you see, here's the excuse: They didn't leave until 2am. Now, don't get me wrong, I would have had them stay until 5am if they'd wanted to, but there was no way I was going to power up the Wii and try to keep my balance for 30 seconds and all that jazz after cleaning up and sorting the house out. No way.

And as for Saturday and Sunday - well, the weekend just vanishes, doesn't it? In fact, I can't believe that it's already approaching Monday afternoon as I sit here typing this.

So what happened at the weekend? Loads.

After going to bed at a stupid time Friday night / Saturday morning, I was up at the crack of dawn - well, quarter to nine. But that's early, after a mega late night, isn't it? Swigged down a cup of coffee and some biscuits, and whoosh, out the door.

I was back in the house by half twelve though, and I decided to go and see my parents in Peterlee. So I loaded Wife and Dog into the car, blitzed down the A19, and called in to see them for a few hours. A hot cross bun and cup of coffee later, and we were off again. We popped into Castle Eden Dene - a fantastic nature reserve in Peterlee, and had a walk through there, totally tiring out Dog, Wife, and myself.

Wearily, we climbed back into the van, and I popped to Horden to go and have a look at a nice Audi A4 estate. I found the garage, but it was weird - it was basically someone's house with about 40 cars parked within the grounds. I couldn't see the Audi at first glance, and I didn't fancy wandering in and nosing around, so we scarpered.

Back home, and the late night was really beginning to take it's toll. We ordered an Indian, and Shan's Balti House delivered within the hour. Onion Bhaji's, oh man, they are so nice. Apparently, Dog thinks so too - he managed to sly one off of the table when our eyes were elsewhere. He is the definition of a Sly Dog.

After that, and a bit of watching BBC One's The Voice, we were exhausted, and began the Everest-like ascent to the bedroom, where we collapsed for some well earned rest. Wii? No. Not a chance.

So what about Sunday? Well, again, up at the crack of dawn - quarter to 11. I had a few things to sort in the house, and then out the house at 12.30. I had some important business to attend to, and people to see, and I wasn't back in the house until 5.30. We had been invited out for dinner, and had to be at our destination for 6.00. So as you can imagine, it was a very quick turnaround.

We had a great evening out - chilli, pizza, jacket potatoes and a great time with good friends.

Then we had to pick up Dog from Mother-in-Law's (he had done her head in - started nibbling on her feet and stealing her sweets and being a menace in general... Mwahahaha...) and we got in at around half ten.

Nipped onto the internet to pay some bills - joy of joy - and then had to turn in to bed, due to a dire need of sleep.

So then. In summary. Since my last account, on Friday, we've had company round our house, went to my parents house, and been out to see friends. I've eaten a considerable amount of food, managed to not consume a lot of alcohol, skipped lunch twice, eaten more than my fair share of sweets, snacks, and chocolate, and not weighed myself once.

Oh, the joys of being on a diet.

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