Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Yes, I Am A Bit Gutted

When I got on the Wii Balance Board last night, I was hoping that I would have lost about four pounds. It would seem that, in reality, I was dreaming.

But let's face the facts. My 'diet' of the past week, although including such things as tuna on Ryvita for lunch and more fruit than in the past, I have not really cut down on chocolate, sweets and snacks; and I haven't increased my exercise (apart from walking Dog).

So that leaves me with the fact that I need to try harder. I need to lessen my intake of food in general. I need to cut down my intake of sweets and sugary stuff. Stupidly, I've started drinking Pepsi with my evening meal, when I usually have water - yeah, 'cos that's the way to go when you're on a diet. And I need to do exercise. Lots and lots of exercise.

Here's the plan for exercise:

I'm going to go back to doing stuff on the Wii. That used to get me really going - heartrate through the roof, sweat pouring out of me. I'll be going on Wii Fit, and doing things like the Step exercise, Hula Hoop exercise - you know, the ones that are really active.  I'm also going to go on some of the Dance programmes that I've got - I've just Just Dance 1 and Just Dance 2 and The Michael Jackson Experience.  I've also got The Michael Jackson Experience for the PlayStation, as well as SingStar Dance. I'm going to have to set aside time to go on my exercise bike, which I used to do whilst playing FIFA, and I'm also going to go out on my 'real' bike and do bike rides.

You know what? I'm fat. But I am going to lose this excess weight that I am dragging around with me. You know why? Because I am The Dieting Man.

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