Monday, 23 April 2012

Friday and the Weekend

Sounds like a dodgy pubs 'n' clubs band, doesn't it, Friday and the Weekend? Really, it's just an update on just that - my exploits since the last post.

However, I have a confession to make. It's a misleading title. Because in actual fact, I can't remember much about Friday, as it seems like a date in the distant past now. True, I went to work. I didn't do much exercise, and, for that matter, didn't do much healthy eating. 

From what I can remember, I assisted Wife do the shopping after work; we visited the in-laws; we came home and ate; we went to bed.

Saturday, however, was a completely different story.

First of all, I was limping. I think I know what the problem is now, but at the time, I did not. All I knew was that my big toe was hurting like mad, it was red, swollen, and the skin was beginning to harden. And Dog biting it didn't help much...

So what's the obvious choice when you've got a bad toe and a limp? Take Dog for a massive walk along the beach in the rain, naturally. We did that, and we got drenched as a reward for our efforts. (But not as drenched as the silly surfers in the sea... idiots...)

We then had a barbecue. Yes, a barbecue. But by some divine intervention, it was dry, and indeed sunny, between 3.30 and 6.00, the exact time that we had our feast of sausages and burgers on the beach. Awesome.

So Saturday was a success, I would say. A mixture of good exercise and relatively healthy eating (apart from the Mars bar and Bounty that I consumed...)

Sunday was good too. I managed to refrain from eating lunch (I know that that's not what dieting is about, but I'm not much of a lunch person on weekends, never have been really.)

We had a lovely roast chicken dinner that Wife lovingly prepared, and then I went to Cheema's in Sunderland to play pool. It was a blast, and not just because I won.

Anyway, my mate Phil came back to ours after pool, and we sat shooting the breeze until about 12, at which point I really had to go to bed.

Meantime, I'm thinking of joining Weight Watchers. I think it will help me to be focused and may provide structure in my meal plans and eating habits.


The Dieting Man.

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