Thursday, 19 April 2012

I'm Getting Better (I think...)

Okay, I think that I had a better day yesterday (Wednesday). Let me talk you through it:

I got up at around 6.15, as I had tuna to prepare, and a shirt to iron. I was surprised that Dog wasn't barking, but then again, it was early even for him, and he had had a late night on Tuesday.  When I went to his cage, he was awake, and looking at me bleary eyed, so I left him in there whilst I pottered around the kitchen, with my tins of John West. I opened two tins, poured some vinegar into a tupperware tub, and added two hefty spoonfuls of Mayo. Draining the tins of tuna of the excess spring water, I added them to the tub, and mashed it all up thoroughly. Then, I added about 4 pineapple rings, cut into chunks. That'll last me a few days, then I'll break out the rest of the tuna and pineapple and make another batch. Sorted.

Now it was time for breakfast. I remembered my resolution: Water and fruit. I filled a pint glass with water, downed it, and ate two plums. It felt really good. I don't think it felt particularly filling, but the fact that I'd made what I thought was a significant change was pretty uplifting.

I packed my lunch (yes, it did include a Mars bar), and headed out to work.

As per my routine, I had my apple whilst out on my morning round, and when I got back to base, I resisted the urge to go to ASDA, my favourite supermarket. Instead, I ate my tuna on Ryvita, then I ate my Mars bar, and then I went and cleaned my van. Yeah, you should see the engine bay now - gleaming.

The afternoon round was pretty uneventful, and I got home as the heavens opened. It was lashing it down. Now, Wife and I were going out on the night, and as Dog had been cooped up all day, I had to take him out. So for an hour I trudged around in the wet, over fields, grass and mud, and exhausted both Dog and myself.

Wife arrived home about five minutes after Dog and I, and she put a pizza in the oven whilst I nipped into the shower and had a shave.

I had two slices of pizza (actually, each slice was a quarter, so I should say I had half a pizza, but two slices sounds so much better when you are dieting) and a handful of spicy potato wedges. I don't even like potato wedges, let alone spicy ones, but I was hungry so I ate them.

Oh, I nearly forgot. I was so starvenga when I got home from walking Dog that I raided the cupboards. I found the mother lode. A whole, glorious, unopened bar of ASDA Smart Price Milk Chocolate. The wrapper was unceremoniously removed, the chocolate broken up, and the chocolate inserted into my hungry gob in no uncertain terms.

Anyway, one quick change after food, and we were out. As we were heading back at around nine pm, I suggested to Wife that we detour via McDonalds. She vehemently disagreed, and, like a husband that is truly under the thumb, I meekly obeyed. Disclaimer: I am not under the thumb, I just appreciated the fact that really, McDonalds is not the ideal destination for a man on a diet.

Getting into the house, we started looking for a holiday destination for our upcoming anniversary. We want a 'Staycation' as they're fashionably called now; we're looking for a lodge for two in the heart of England. Anyway, whilst browsing the net for a suitable destination, I slowly munched my way through two slices of toast slathered with Nutella. I know, I know, but it's better than the McDonald's that I was going to get!

We went on Assassin's Creed for a while, as I was now bored of looking for a holiday - I am easily distracted - whilst I had a pint of milkshake for the second night in a row.

So in summary: My food intake was slightly healthier than it has been for a long time, but still there is room for improvement; and I did a mega slog of a walk, which is pretty good where exercise is concerned.

So what do you reckon: When I come to weigh in on Monday, will I have lost, gained, or stayed put?

We'll all find out soon enough!

The Dieting Man.

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