Tuesday, 28 August 2007

The Man Diet - Day 20 - Friday 25th August 2007

Alrighty There People!

Today was fantastic. After a stressful day at work, I decided to go out on the bike. So I pedalled down to the running track, and did 5 laps of the track. Now, that may not seem like a lot to you, and from leaving the house to getting back only half an hour elapsed, but I felt overjoyed. I really felt as though I had accomplished something, and I would like to do this more often. I'm definitely going to be getting out on my exercise bike more frequently, and I may even make the running track a regular Friday night thing.

Also, I started The Special K diet today. So, one bowl for breakfast, one for lunch, and normal dinner. Can it work for me? I can but try...

On, then, to today's incomings:

07:00 - Special K with semi skimmed milk

09:00 - 1 glass of water

10:10 - 1 banana

11:20 - 1 Snack a jack

11:50 - 1 Snack a jack

12:20 - Special K with semi skimmed milk

14:10 - 1 glass of water

14:20 - 1 McFlurry

15:20 - 1 glass of water

15:30 - 1 apple

21:00 - Baked potato and pasta

Okay, so, apart from the McFlurry (which I had to do, because it was Friday...) I think that today went really well. I was absolutely STARVING by the time I had my dinner, because it was so late, but I was determined not to snack. I drank plenty of water today, including when I was on my bike ride.

If I keep this up, I could get slim - at last!

Until tomorrow,


The Dieting Man

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