Saturday, 30 June 2007

10 Cool Optical Illusions

I love optical illusions. So I thought I'd post here 10 of my faves. Why just 10? Because any more, and you'd end up with a serious headache!

Check these out:

I think that this is my top fave. I love the fact that it is a full colour picture, and it totally messes with my mind. You think you've got it worked out - but then, nope, you haven't. It's impossible.
This one is great too - would you believe that it is just straight lines? If you don't believe me, print it out and check it with a ruler!

This one is just plain scary. Yup, you're going crazy!

I had this one as a desktop wallpaper for a while, before I got admitted into the phsychiatric ward - click on it to see it in its full sized glory...
Do what it says - count the black dots...

This one is freaky too. See those blue squares in the middle? Well, they are straight - but they look like they're wobbling all over the place!

Two images. Same size. Trust me.

Now, these next three I believe have been Photoshopped - but that doesn't stop them being cool, and if I saw one of these on the road, it would probably freak me out...

Liked this? DIGG IT!

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