Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Five Ways to Randomly Distribute Your Business Cards

Okay, I've been thinking about ways that you could distribute your business cards. Let's say that you provide a service that would appeal to most people. For example, you know that X amount of people have a computer, and you provide a computer repair service.

Here's five tips to give out your business cards to unsuspecting members of the public, to drum up more business.

1. Go To The Car ParkGo to a large car park, a shopping centre is good. Place your business card, blank side facing out, between the glass and the rubber strip on the driver's side. The driver, upon returning to his vehicle, will notice the blank card, take it out, flip it, and read it. WHAM! You're in his brain.

2. Leave Your Cards At The TillWhen doing your shopping, ask if you could leave a bunch of cards at the till of the shop that you are visiting. Most are likely to say yes. Even better, go to a big place like Comet or Curry's, and ask if they will let you leave your card there. They may say yes!

3. Stick Them AroundBack your cards with sticky tape, and as you walk around a shopping centre, slap them randomly onto windows, walls, doors and pillars. WARNING - This could be dangerous - don't get caught. Wait a minute - you're doing this with YOUR business card. Possibly not safe!

4. Leave The On The SeatOn a bus? Leave one on your seat. In a taxi? Leave one on your seat. At the doctors? Leave one on your seat. In a cafe? Leave one on your seat. Get the idea?

5. Pin Them To The BoardShopping Centre got a board with local information? Leave a couple of your cards there.

These tips may not get you much business, but they will certainly distribute your business cards!

If you have any other innovative ways to distribute business cards, leave a comment!


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