Saturday, 9 June 2007

The Point Has To Be Made!

I'm sorry I had to do this people, but enough is enough. Please - stop with these ridiculous titles! Yes, the image that you are referring to is probably amazing, it's probably really cool, and, maybe, just maybe, we might not have seen it before. But is it REALLY The Best Image Ever? Or rather, The.Best.Image.EVER!!!!!?

What is with the periods after every letter anyway? And what, please, is with the multiple exclamation marks? Is one not enough anymore?

How many front page items recently have been titled "The Best/Coolest/Insanest/ Picture Ever!!!!"? Too many. Please, if you are going to submit an image, give it a better description. Let us know what it is that we are going to be viewing. Is it really cool? Probably. Is it The.Best.EVER!!!? I seriously doubt it.

Oh, and a quick word to A picture section. Please. Give the people what they want.


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