Thursday, 12 April 2007

Wednesday 11 April 2007

Alrighty There People!

Well, no doubt you're wondering if I was able to break the bad heabits of yesterday for a better day today? Well, not entirely. Read on, and you'll see...

07:30 - Cornflakes with semi skimmed milk

08:38 - 1 glass of water

09:27 - 1 glass of water

10:31 - 1 glass of water

10:40 - 3 Go Ahead biscuits

12:03 - 1 glass of water

12:30 - Bachelors slimming tomato soup

16:00 - 2 ginger biscuits

16:04 - 1 orange

17:50 - steak, dumpling, potatoes, peas

17:59 - 1 glass of juice

19:10 - 1 Cadbury's Button yogurt

22:00 - black coffee, 4 bourbon biscuits

23:00 - Cherry bakewell

Okay, so here's where I'm angry: Again, only three cups of water. Tomorrow, I am DETERMINED to drink a cup of water on the hour, every hour. At least while I'm at work. Ginger biscuits. Go Ahead biscuits. Cadbury's Yogurt. Bourbon Biscuits. Cherry bakewell. Are they the items that should be in the daily intake of a man that is SUPPOSED TO BE ON A DIET???? I think not.
I'm pretty upset with myself, and you know what - this is what I'm gonna do. No more rubbish. At all. Just healthy food, lots of water, and sessions on the exercise bike.

Until tomorrow,


The Dieting Man

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Clare said...

At least you realise what you should and shouldn't be eating. That's progress and well done for at least starting to eat more fruit. Get a monthly chart - weigh yourself every week and write it on the chart (and put it in your blog!), give yourself a gold star for every good day you have - i.e. no chocolate or junk food. Perhaps another gold star for 30 minutes of exercise.

See how that goes.

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