Tuesday, 18 September 2007

The Dieting Man: Wii Boxing and The Special K Diet: 13th September 2007

Alrighty There People!

The Diet and Exercise regime continues, with, I feel, renewed vigour. I wish so much that I had gotten a Wii earlier, and that I had started to use it to it's full potential sooner.

In the bedroom, we've got built in mirrored wardrobes. I keep looking at myself in the mirror - it's not a fantastic sight, but I've gotta tell you - it's improving!

If you want to get fit, I would definitely recommend getting a Nintendo Wii. It's fun, it's healthy, and it'll save you a fortune in gym membership fees.

So let's get onto last night's results:

Wii Boxing - The Bags:
Round 1 - 27 Bags
Round 2 - 30 Bags
Round 3 - 32 Bags

I thought that was fantastic! Rather than getting worse, I was getting better. I can get into a fantastic rhythm when doing the bags - the brown ones just go in two punches. You know, it's also quite stress relieving too...

On to the fights:

Fight One:
Fight one began with The Dieting Man on 1094, taking on Pierre and all of his 1164 points. Come on! The fight began, and it was a ferocious one. I find the opponents much tougher since going Pro - I get them down, then they get me down, then I get them down, then it's round two. But it makes for a lot of flailing of the arms, a lot of sweat, and a lot of exercise. So it's all a good thing. Anyway, I finally got the better of Pierre, but it did cost me 6 points. I walked out of the ring battered, bruised, and lacking 6 points - but ultimately victorious! Yes! I looked forward to meeting my new opponent in Fight Two...

Fight Two:
I was gutted to see Pierre still in the opposite corner. This was going to be the third time in a row that I was facing him. He obviously hadn't learnt his lesson. He was going to hit the deck, he was going to stay there, and he was not going to come back for more...

The fight began - Pierre on 1194 points, The Dieting Man on 1088. The odds were against me. But I pummelled him - the victory was so great, so decisive that the Wii awarded me 61 points - shooting me up to 1149 points, further away from that fine line between Pro and ... not Pro. Fantastic!

Anyway, I'm away for the weekend, but I'll be back on Monday.

Have a good one!

Until Monday,


The Dieting Man

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