Tuesday, 11 September 2007

The Dieting Man - Wii Boxing and Losing Weight

Alrighty There People!

I've got it. And this time, I'm gonna crack it. Okay, okay, I'll go back to the beginning - right back to January 2007.

I'd gotten sick of family saying how fat I was, how much weight I'd put on, asking my wife what she was feeding me - you get the drift.

So I went on a diet. Thing is, I didn't go on a proper diet. I was watching what I was eating, certainly, but not really doing anything about it. So I was watching myself eat chocolate, McDonalds, pizza, chips, etc etc etc. And guess what? I hadn't lost any weight.

But for the past three weeks, I've been on the Special K diet. That's a bowl of Special K for breakfast, a bowl for lunch, and a normal evening meal. I've been eating more fruit, cutting down on chocolate - and - I think most importantly - doing more exercise.

Now, my exercise has ranged from walking, cycling... and playing on the Wii. I know, I know, people have lost weight on the Wii before, and if you're not bothered, fine. But if you are, you may be inclined to know how I've done this - how I can now tighten my belt to the last hole, whereas before it was on the second hole.

Just using Wii Sports, I think that the most energetic ones to play are (in energetic order) Boxing, Tennis and Baseball. Personally, I think that Golf and Bowling are not really exertive sports, not on the Wii anyway.

So everynight for the past week, I've been doing the Wii fitness. When I first did it, the Wii gave me the fitness age of 80. I managed to get that down to 27, but it's gone back up to 34 as of last night. But to be honest, I wasn't that impressed with it - sometimes it made me do bowling and golf, which I didn't really want to do.

So I've set up my own regime, which I started last night, and I think it's great.

Basically, it entails starting with Boxing Training. So go to that, and do the bag training. Do three rounds. My best score on that is 37 - I believe you get a minute. After that, go onto normal boxing, and have two fights. Now, if you're really good, you may get it over with in the first round. But, if like me, you're not that good, both fights may be the full three rounds.

I started last night with a score of 1009 - giving me 'Pro' status. I won both my fights, but surprisingly lost 6 points in each - meaning that I've lost my Pro status. However, tonight I intend to win it back.

But here is the pièce de résistance: My tracker. On here I will keep a record of how many bags I knock down in each of the three rounds of Wii Boxing training. Then, I will keep track of my Boxing points, my opponent, their points, and my final points. I'll do that for a month and post the results here.

And, just because I can and I want to, I've uploaded the tracker here - so if you want to join in and compare, get the tracker (below - click here for the full tracker), and post your results here.

Until tomorrow,


The Dieting Man!


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