Thursday, 13 September 2007

The Dieting Man: Wii Boxing and The Special K Diet: 12th September 2007

Alrighty There People!

I continue munching through my Special K twice daily. I find it really filling - a bowl first thing keeps me going right through until lunchtime, and my lunchtime bowl keeps my going right through until I finish work. Maybe that means that I should be eating smaller bowls though... Never mind!
I'm still endeavouring to drink lots of water too, averaging six during the working day, and I usually have a pint... of water... on an evening too.

Last night I was out in the garden for a good hour, wrestling with the trees that are trying to dominate our minimal space of greenery. That worked up a good sweat, not least because I was wielding a hefty hedge trimmer that had the capacity to decapitate me.

And then I worked myself up for the big events: Nintendo Wii Boxing.

I was determined not to lose my Pro status - that was a title that I was literally fighting to defend.
So, to work myself up to the fights, I began, as usual, with Bag Training, which went as follows:

The Bags - Round 1: 26 bags
The Bags - Round 2: 27 bags
The Bags - Round 3: 29 bags

I don't know what happened tonight, some of the bags I just couldn't seem to annihilate. The problem is when the bags are slightly off centre, I find it really hard to hit them - maybe I need to lean a little? I guess I'll work it out.

Anyway, on to the main events:

Fight 1:
I swaggered into the ring a champion looking for a weasel to eat up and spit out. I was faced with Tyrone, a Pro with 1193 points against my 1053. We fought. It was great. I got him down. He got me down. I floored him again. Round 1. Round 2 came. I defeated him, gaining 46 points, launching me to 1099. Nothing can take my Pro status now!

Fight 2:
Pierre joined me in the ring, a rough looking fellow with scars on his face, and a really scary mole. On his face, that is. He was there to pitch his 1149 points against mine. Peirre, bring it on. Again, we fought. I got downed, he got downed, but I claimed the victory. Alas, I lost 5 points, dropping me to 1094, and allowing me time to nurse my wounds until tomorrow's fight...

I must say, I love Wii Boxing. I think I enjoy documenting the fights just as much!

I may even begin videoing them, and uploading them to Metacafe or something. Cool!

Until tomorrow,


The Dieting Man

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