Monday, 24 September 2007

The Dieting Man: Friday 21 September: Wii Boxing and The Special K Diet

Alrighty There People!

Still going strong with this, although at times I find it a bit bland just eating Special K. Mind you, I've started adding banana chips to it - makes a lot of difference, very nice indeed.

I think I'm losing it a bit with the boxing though - I've reached a point where I can't seem to progress - in fact, whether I win or lose I seem to lose a few points - not many, but points are slowly chipping away... which is always a bad thing.

Anyway, on to today's Nintendo Wii Boxing:

The Bags:
Round 1: 28 bags
Round 2: 25 bags
Round 3: 30 bags

That wasn't a bad effort really, 25 is a bit low, but 28 and 30 is good - that is the kind of score I want to be getting every round. With my confidence boosted a tad, it was time to enter the ring...

Fight 1:
So here I am, in my corner, wielding 1127 points, when who should enter the ring - Rachel! Now, I know that this is only a game, but I still felt a slight twinge of guilt to be in the ring with a female opponent. But, she had 1211 points, she was there ready and willing, so I decided to go in fists flying. It wasn't a great match - I did win, but I lost 6 points. That made me angry. That meant that I was on 1121 to enter Fight 2...

Fight 2:
Rachel again! Okay, well, this time I had no qualms - a fight is a fight, and I was going to win. I went in, arms flailing, sweat pouring, heart pumping. I was defeated. It was awful. To see my Mii lying motionless on the floor, as the numbers ascended, was heartbreaking. To see the letters KO illuminate the screen, as my Mii lay in a deathlike state on the ring, was emotionally wrenching. To see Rachel steal 42 points from my score was the icing on the cake, the feather that broke the camel's back, the point where grief turned to rage. I would be back in the ring. I would fight again. I would smash any opponent I would meet.

And, I would lose weight.

Until Monday,


The Dieting Man

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