Monday, 22 January 2007

Day 1 - Monday 22nd January 2007

Alrighty There People!

I suppose that this is my first 'official' dietary posting...

So here's how it went down today:

First of all, I weighed myself in at 14st 2lbs.
07:39 - 1 pint of water
07:40 - 1 bowl of Shreddies, with semi skimmed milk
08:54 - 1 small cup of water
10:18 - 1 small cup of water
12:39 - 1 tuna and cucumber sandwich (brown bread)
13:19 - 1 Liquid Breakfast Pro Biotic Yoghurt Drink (mmmmm)
14:53 - 1 small cup of water
16:16 - 1 small cup of water
20:40 - 1 cheeseburger and chips, courtesy of Ronald McDonald (ooops...)
20:45 - 1 pint of water, diluted with Orange
21:07 - 2 slices of toast, thinly buttered
22:06 - 30 Press ups (that's excercise, by the way!)

Okay, so I may have gone off of the rails slightly with the McDonald's food, but I did refuse at work a gorgeous looking massive chunk of chocolate brownie. AND I haven't had any chocolate or biscuits today, despite the fact that there are loads here in the house, and at work. So I think I have done quite well.

I didn't go on my exercise bike though, so hopefully tomorrow will be better in that sense. But I did drink lots of water.

All in all, I think that Day 1 of The Diet has gone quite well, really.

Now I'm going to try and upload these awful pictures....

Until tomorrow,


The Dieting Man

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