Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Day 8 - Monday 29th January 2007

Alrighty There People!

So, I started this exactly one week ago today.

How do I feel? Well, I don't think that I have lost any weight yet, which is a bit disappointing I suppose, but I still feel it's early days, and once I see the weight starting to come off, I hope that that will increase my motivation.

Things I need to work on:Doing more exercise - daily, if possibleEating more fruit

I'll stop there for now, I don't want to inundate myself with goals - one step at a time...

Anyway, today went well during the day - but when it got to the evening, it all went to pot - again, I was helping the mother-in-law get sorted, so things went hectic...

Here goes:

07:40 - 1/2 Bio Yoghurt
07:45 - 1 Actimel Drink (the last one - woohoo!)
08:45 - 1 small cup of water
10:00 - 1 small cup of water
11:27 - 1 small cup of water
11:35 - 2 Brown finger rolls, ham and cucumber
11:45 - Kelloggs Oat Bar
13:19 - 1 small cup of water
13:55 - 1 small cup of water
14:49 - 1 small cup of water
16:15 - 1 Orange
16:24 - 1 small cup of water
18:00 - 2 Slices of toast, with tuna on them
20:10 - MCDONALDS (Aaaargh!) - Quarter Pounder with Cheese and bacon, a few chips, a few sips of coke... and a McFlurry! Nooooooooo...
23:55 - 1 glass of water

Well, apart from the McDonalds, I would say that the day went quite well really...

Let's see if I can improve on that over the next few days.

Until tomorrow...


The Dieting Man

PS - No pics again today, but I will take some tomorrow...

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