Thursday, 11 October 2007

The Dieting Man: Wii Boxing and The Special K Diet: Thursday 11th October 2007

Alrighty There People!

Thought I’d update you with the latest.

First of all, bad news. No milk and no Special K means that this morning’s breakfast was jam on toast.

More bad news: I didn’t go on the Wii last night – I’ve just been so shattered recently, that I’ve been going to bed mega early. Well, mega early for me, anyway.

I’ve just read this article on getting better sleep, so I’m going to put these into practice and see what happens…

Okay, onto the good news: I went on the exercise bike last night! Ten minutes. It’s been ages since I was last on it, so I took it easy – only just breaking a sweat. But I was checking out the ‘on board computer’ – sounds snazzy, but it’s not – and according to that I only burnt 7 calories. So how long would I need to go on to burn off an entire chocolate bar? Hours or days?!

More good news: I was talking to my wife last night about my weight, and saying that I want to go back down to 9 stone, which is what I was when we met. She wasn’t happy – she said that I was ‘a rake’ when we met, and the lowest she wants me to go is 11.5 stone. So that’s my goal: To lose 2.5 stone. Which doesn’t sound that bad really. Not compared to what some of these guys did in a short space of time…

So. From today, Thursday October 11th 2007, it’s no more junk food AT ALL. It’s going to be healthy food. No more coffee, hot chocolates, chocolate milkshakes or coffee mochas - it’s going to be lots of water and lots of smoothies. I’m going to try and eat 5 pieces of fruit and/or veg each day. I’m going to go on the exercise bike for at least ten minutes each day, no matter how wrecked I am, and I’m going to do Wii Boxing every day, again, regardless of how tired or exhausted I am. Nobody said that losing weight was going to be easy, and until now I’ve been just messing around. But I intend to get fit, keep fit, and lose some of this flab. Yeah!

And, of course, I’ll keep you posted.

Until tomorrow,


The Dieting Man

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